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Damian Beisner, son of LLSC members Dawn and Chris Beisner, was born in Atlanta (Northside Hospital) on March 23, 2006. A precocious child, Damian had a big heart and big imagination. He loved big adventures – even the imaginary ones – and animals. He was especially fond of cats, dogs, and geckos.

Damian attended Roberts elementary (kindergarten), McGinnis Woods Country Day School (1st – 4th), Wesleyan (5th), North Gwinnet Middle School (6th and 7th), and Lakeview Academy (7th – 10th). He was an active member of Lakeview’s varsity robotics team, an avid gamer, and a good friend to many of his classmates.

Damian began sailing at the age of 7 when he attended his first 2 back-to-back LLSC summer camps. After learning the basics, Damian advanced to racing his Opti (Firefly), first at local club events, and then at regional regattas around the southeast. At age 11, Damian retired from Opti sailing having graduated to 420s in which he competed for the next couple of years. At the same time, he also crewed (or skippered) for his dad on the family’s Formula 16 catamaran. At age 13, Damian was introduced to keelboat racing and never looked back. He liked competing against adults with his all-junior crew. He especially like winning, which he and his team had done quite often during LLSC’s Wednesday night series in 2021 racing on the J22 “Pyg”. His team members that season included Will Bryant, Pierce Brock, Stephanie Griffin, William Adams

Damian was known by many members of the club and was well-respected, both on and off the water. He was awarded Crewman of the Year honors by LLSC in 2017.

Damian’s parents named their Cal 28-2 “Firefly” in his honor.

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